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Yurts for sale at Surely Yurts!

We're surely glad you're taking time to consider our grass-roots yurt manufacturing company!  We feel grateful to be here in 2018 serving folks with our handmade Surely Yurts.  
Surely Yurts mean a quality built-to-last product, custom- tailored to fit your design ideals and specific location, meticulously and lovingly hand-made right here in New York state. We proudly offer custom-made yurts, off-grid living solutions, curved furniture, artful design and installation options.   
                                                         Surely Yurts Under Construction                                  20' Tri-wall interior with woodstove.
   Surely Yurts' services extend beyond the yurt model of sustainable housing.  We design and install photo-voltaic systems and lighting, rainwater-catchment systems and gravity-feed plumbing for traditional houses or any existing structure.  Whether it involves new construction or retro-fitting an old building, everyone wants to see more rainwater-catchment and alternative energy efficient technologies being used on a home scale.  You  can get closer to energy independence by adding photo-voltaic lighting to your existing home.  Why not increase your local water availablity by storing and utilizing rainwater from your roof? 

 Thanks for visiting our website!  Please have a look around and contact us with any questions.  We hope to serve your yurt needs and those of your friends & family into the future. 
- Steve Reed Owner/Crafter Surely Yurts
10' Surely 'Secluded Forest' Yurt