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We all want to have confidence whilst moving forward with a building project that will be a part of life for years to come. 

Surely Yurts approaches large and small building projects by looking at the complete picture.  Breaking down the entire project into day by day steps, always designing on a 'human scale'.  We use our past experiences to plan achievable goals, that you as a client, and we as a contractor, can understand & feel comfortable with.

We assume that if you're interested in yurts, the environmental impact of your building project is a primary concern.  With this always in mind, we design for efficiency and purchase our materials from local sources.  Year after year we've worked at streamlining the process  of yurt building and installation ever improving our product.  You can feel confident working with us.


There is a lot to consider whilst moving forward with any yurt project.  From local permits to prevailing wind patterns and topography,  finding your best placement, and conceptualising to provide for all manner of provisions.   Planning ahead during every aspect will ensure a smooth yurting experience.  


Surely Yurts can share our experience to help you along your yurt path. 


  • Custom Yurt Crafting 
  • Handmade Yurt Furniture
  • Organic Design
  • Photo-Voltaic Panel Installation
  • Off-Grid Heating, Lighting, & Plumbing Systems
  • Yurt & Tipi Cover Repair & Replacement
  • Parts Design & Fabrication
  •  Traditional Wood-Frame Construction 
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    Yurt Cover Replacement 'Before-During-After' shown below.




    How did you hear about Surely Yurts?

    How did you hear about Surely Yurts?

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