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Rainwater Catchment Systems


No matter where you live there are plenty of good reasons to collect and utilize rainwater, and it's free!



  Surely Yurts makes attractive rainwater catchment barrels that are just as 'at home' on Main street as they are in remote off-grid settings.  Our 55 gallon plastic rainwater catchment barrels come from a local food manufacturer.  The food safe barrels are trimmed with wooden slats (rejects from yurt wall high grading) and belted with steel banding.  The exterior of the barrel is then rubbed with raw (non-toxic) linseed oil.  Finally, the barrel is  topped with a two layer screen for leaf cleanout, sterilized with a mixture of bleach and water and is then ready for pickup or delivery.  We sell these barrels for $125 each, discounted pricing is available for bulk orders. 



  We offer rainwater catchment systems for existing buildings i.e.  gravity fed sinks, showers, and toilets.   As well as custom installations for all yurts including curved gutters, 12 volt pumps, and rainwater storage.  


Please let Surely Yurts help you utilize rainwater in an attractive and eco-friendly way. 

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