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What goes into each Surely Yurt?


 Quality is ensured by using high grade locally sourced materials and hand fabricating each part one at a time to create a whole Surely Yurt. 




As shown in the photos most people choose to install their yurt on an insulated wooden platform. 


How it's made from the ground up:


The yurt wall is built using tulip poplar hardwood slats treated with raw linseed oil.  These slats are linked together using an aluminum rivet system, allowing the wall to fold for transportation and ensuring that your wall hardware won't loosen or rust.

Tulip Poplar: This clear hardwood is virtually free of knots, making for a beautiful, strong and long lasting hinged lattice wall.


 A 32" hand-made door with twin-wall Lexan glass comes standard with all our yurts.  We can also incorporate custom frames to fit almost any door of your choosing.  Each yurt has a steel tension cable, which distributes the weight of the roof, the cable is crimped with aluminum fasteners so that you'll never have to worry about loosening or breakage.


Surely yurt roof rafters are constructed of larch, which we prefer because it is locally  sourced and rot-resistant.  We purchase large orders of rough-cut larch from a local Amish sawyer.  After drying, the rafters are fabricated at our off-grid workshop by planing, fitting, sanding and finally a generous application of raw linseed oil, ensuring the wood years of longevity. Other species of wood, including aromatics, are also available. 


Larch: A conifer also known as tamarack is tough, durable and when finished, makes for beautiful exposed rafters.


Our yurt roof center piece consists of five triangular openings.  Any of the five openings can be filled with either a 6mm. twinwall lexan skylight for better insulation, or an 1/8" clear lexan skylight, which is nearly invisible and great for star gazing!  One of the 5 openings is often fitted with a galvanized steel thimble for a woodstove pipe.


Our standard yurt cover is an 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester.  A myriad of colors are available for the roof and wall coverings (Click here for yurt color options).   We'll gladly fabricate a wall cover and or liners out of a material of your choosing (as long as it meets fire and water standards).  We have used a number of different fabrics and have a catalogue and swatches for serious enquiries.



The flexible nature of a yurt allows for creativity.

If you have ideas about construction, design, or materials, please don't hesitate to mention them.  We want to make your yurt as custom fit to you as possible.





Linked - 20' Triad Yurts 

Includes one door and two high efficiency double-hung vinyl windows, or the option of having two doors and one window.  Any of the three frames can be linked to another yurt via breezeway. Handbuilt windows and other options are also available. (Click for more details)


Two 20' Triad Yurts linked via 10' Walk-Through yurt.     

Shown with optional rainwater catchtment and solar panels.


Standard 20' Surely Yurt

 Shown with optional woodstove thimble and solar power installation on roof.

How did you hear about Surely Yurts?

How did you hear about Surely Yurts?

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